Awesome Battlezone Course

Awesome Battlezone Course




Orto Plutonia


Battlezone race course.

 Awesome Battlezone Course was a race course built by BLASTER NICESHOT that was designed to look like the participants were racing through a battlefield.

Starting/Finish LineEdit

The starting/finish line was located at the top of the lot, and it narrowed into the catwalks that were present in almost all of the course. The word "START" was printed in large letters on the front of the sign.

Battlezone AreaEdit

The battlezone area held the majority of the course. Catwalks lead racers onto Grevious' ship, where they would have to be careful not to fall off. They then proceded to a one-way steep ramp, and if a racer accelerated too much they would jump the corner-railing and be disqualified. The catwalks continued down to two LAATs, where racers would have to jump over the engines of two tilted LAATs where they would get stuck or fall off. Racers then rode past the Republic camp and back up the path to the finish line.

Below the course, a battle ensued between the Republic and Separatists. Several clones and droids laid on the ground defeated out of a large army of each, and several Jedi fought along with Separatist generals and Sith Lords. Confederecy vehicles lined the back of the lot, and a Republic camp was located near opening to the path.