Awesome Complex Lot

Awesome Complex Lot






Football stadium, house, Separatist base

Awesome Complex Lot was owned and built by BLASTER NICESHOT. Its main feature was the Ryloth Raiders football stadium, but had others features as well.

Football StadiumEdit

The Ryloth Raiders football stadium took up most of the back lot, and was mainly constructed out of Extra Large Boxes. Large Bars surrounded the field to keep people from jumping in, and there were also two food stands. A small announcer box and a balcony were located at the back of the stadium, above the seating that stretched all the way around. The left and right sides of the stadium each had one scoreboard, though neither had a score.

Central Area Outside StadiumEdit

Just outside the stadium, a food truck and Lava Fries stand were built to feed the hungry Ryloth Raiders fans coming to watch the Ryloth Raiders, and a small fountain was installed in the center of the lot.


Like Gigantic Magma Inn, Niceshot built himself a house near the stadium made out of the Standard Construction set. It had a kitchen, small living room, bedroom, a bathroom, and a Blossoming Cherry Tree outside.

Separatist BaseEdit

The Separatist base was modeled after the Citadel in Season 3 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and it had a landing platform with a shuttle docked that was often used for role play. Prison cells were located on the first floor, and the cannons on the roof acted as guards to the obstacle course entrance.

Obstacle CourseEdit

The obstacle course could be accessed from the Separatist base. It was designed before jumping was introduced, so by the end of Clone Wars Adventures the obstacle course was no challenge. It had two panels sloping downwards that one would have to have enough momentum to run across the gap, a thin beam made out of Starship Lights that had chairs on top to make it difficult to walk across, and then Small Crates in a checkerboard pattern to get to the entrance to the trophy room, which led to a small storage room, and final obstacle of the course. The final obstacle was much like the sloping panels- one would need enough momentum to cross the gap, except this obstacle had a panel that sloped upwards, a flat one to land on, and a much bigger gap. A downwards slopped panel would act as a slide if one fell.


  • Awesome Complex Lot was Niceshot's second lot, after Gigantic Magma Inn.
  • A sign out front read, "WELCOME TO BLASTER N'S".
  • The sign on the Ryloth Raiders stadium had a small TM after Raiders since someone had tried to make a second stadium for the Raiders.