Awesome Party Lounge

Awesome Party Lounge




Felucia (Starter Lot)


Party place

Awesome Party Lounge was a party place built by BLASTER NICESHOT on a Felucia Starter Lot.

Entrance & First FloorEdit


The entrance to the building was a small room that contained a few chairs and tables. To the left of it (coming in from outside) a window wall was installed. On either side of the entrance, a pile of glitch boxes allowed players to get into the glitch.


The inside of the first floor was a dance floor, with a stage, Max Rebo, fog machines, and Party Deck Lights that shot out rainbow colors when turned on. A few Coruscant Security Systems were placed on the ceiling.

Second FloorEdit

Game Room & BarEdit

The game room consisted of two chess games with Star Wars: The Clone Wars character minis as the chess pieces. The Lounge Sofas each had two "pillows" made out of square bulkheads. A few picnic tables looked out a window on the right side of the room. The bar was located at the back of the room with aqauriums around the top. Multicolored spotlights attached to the ceiling lit the room.


The deck was located off a door in the game room and on the roof of the entrance. It had Training Room Rails and two green missle turrents to use as firework launchers.

Drop BridgeEdit

Drop Bridge, located off the game room, was designed to be a game-show like activity in Awesome Party Lounge. Players ran back and forth across a ray shield bridge (which deactived when walked on) until they fell into the rancor bit and one person was left while players in the Starship Seat Rows watched and the host announced what was happening at the host podium. A trophy was in a sealed box near the back of the room.