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This is an official policy of the Super Troopers Wiki. All users and guests are automaticly agreeing to these rules when they come onto this wiki. You may be blocked for these breaking rules without warning. Blocks will be extended if you create a second account to bypass the block.

I've been blocked!

All punishment is given depending on the offense, but it is always given accordingly and fairly. Blocks can be discussed in a calm and polite way to the banning administor, however the person who was blocked must be the one to discuss it. Whether blocks will/will not be changed depends on the situation and the discretion of the administrators. If you have been restricted from editing talk pages, you can use the banning administrator's Community Central Message Wall. See also: Wikia staff member Sannse's blog about tips for getting unblocked.


  • Please do not disrespect other users.
  • Make sure you don't add any content/messages that are disrespectful, non-family-friendly, religious, political, sexual, racial, or includes foul language. This includes using a symbol(s) to avoid saying the actual word.
  • Don't fight back if someone breaks the rules, ask them nicely to stop and then contact an admin. Once you start fighting back, you are likely to be guilty too!
  • Advertising of any kind is not allowed.
    • Remember- if you continuously post links to a page you've worked on or that really cool blog you wrote over and over, it might be considered advertising (posting a few links is fine).
    • Don't make someone else's work look bad to make your's look good- it is a form of advertising.
  • Don't spread rumors about people or games shutting down/reopening unless you have legitimate proof.
    • Legitimate proof is considered proof from a person or organization which the rumor is about. Alternate sources, such as things from non-related organizations you find on the internet, are not considered legitimate proof.
  • Please do not announce official events without permission from an admin.


  • Don't talk about things like ways of receiving game currency that requires payment (e.g. SC or an SC item) without paying, hacking into another player/user, or into game/website systems.

Copied Content

  • Copying content from another wiki without properly giving credit (see Template:Source) is not allowed and will be removed.
    • Any copied and sourced content should have all its redlinks removed/fixed.

Don't understand a part of this code? Leave a message in this article's or contact an admin.