Elite Training Center

Elite Training Center






Clone training center

Elite Training Center was a model of the clone training center on Kamino in the Season 3 premier of Star Wars: The Clone Wars made by BLASTER NICESHOT. Though not created for this purpose, it was used as a set in Niceshot's movie Attack on Kamino: The Training of Blaster Niceshot.


Training CourseEdit

The training course took up a majority of the center, and Training Room Walls were slightly turned to make safe zones for the cadets. There were droids scattered all around, and Rectangular Bulkheads were used as a floor in the center of the area, instead of the Asteroid Floor Panels used in the rest of the center. On the wall in the back, several turrets and jump platforms allowed cadets to reach the light at the top and complete the course. Guarding each side of the wall stood a tower with a single Commando Droid and a turret.

Viewing PlatformsEdit

The viewing platforms went all the way around the upper part of the training center, and could be accessed by the elevator at the front enterance. In the middle of the back area, a half-circle jutted out to make room for a control area.

Electrical/Power RoomEdit

The electrical/power room contained serveral pipes, green light globes, square bulkheads, and panels to represent the area which powered the whole center. It was located inside the wall near the back of the center and could be accessed by an elevator by the viewing platforms.


On the right side of the training center, there was a single Asteroid Pipe with green-tinted smoke rising out of it. Niceshot originally planned to have pipes all along the right side, but only put one, possibly due to lack of credits and the high cost to put so many pipes.