Felucian Lot

Felucian Lot






Replica of Felucian Starter Lot

Felucian Lot was built by BLASTER NICESHOT to replicate the Felucian Starter Lot so players could tour the side "glitch" areas of the Starter Lot without having to use "glitch boxes" to get out, a lengthy and sometimes frustrating process.

Left Side (entrance)Edit

The entrance area was made to look like the left side of the Starter Lot. Several catwalks created a path around some Kamino Canisters and a Training Room Bars, and a building atop Workshop Racks was located opposite it. The building was made out of Standard Construction Set pieces and included a Max Rebo, Mandalorian Control Panel, deck, and a few Coruscant Security systems for partying. 

Building Area (middle)Edit

The middle of the lot was reserved for the "building area" of the starter lot. It contained the glitch stairs (though these did not come in the Starter Lot) which allowed a player to jump over the "glitch wall" and into the otherwise inaccessable areas of the lot. and the small structure of Citadel Panels, banners, crates, Standard Floor Panels, and catwalks that come as default with the lot.

Right Side (back)Edit

The back of the lot was designed to look like the right side of the Starter Lot. It had a medium-sized building built with the Asteroid Construction set, and a Gamorrean guard stood on the right side of the door by a exhaust opening and a few Red Spotlights. The roof was open except for panels along the edge and a bridge in the middle, supported by pillars. Aquariums, a Starship Table, a Coruscant Security System, and a Umbaran Rack servered as furniture. The back door was blocked off by a Workshop Rack and a few Extra Large Crates were scattered outside.