Giant Blaster Factory

Giant Blaster Factory






Blaster factory & shop, Republic stronghold

Giant Blaster Factory was a Blaster Turret factory and Republic stronghold built by BLASTER NICESHOT.


The Blaster Turret factory was designed to simulate the production of Blaster Turrets and built out of Inner Coruscant Panels and Tiled Panels. A few robotic arms attached to the ceiling "moved" turrets down the conveyor belt, and others installed different pieces of the turret. A large scrap metal heap (a pile of Small Standard Crates) was used to construct the turrets, and energy converters. Platforms around the conveyor belt allowed workers to monitor the work.


The Blaster Turret shop sold the extra Blaster Turrets made in the factory. Outside, one could look in a large window to see Blaster Turrets and pay at the cash register once he/she decided to buy a turret. Inside, customers could look at the Blaster Turrets in greater detail.

Other BuildingsEdit

Owner's HouseEdit

BLASTER NICESHOT built a small house behind the factory so he could have a place to stay if he needed to advise the work. It had a Coruscant Diplomat Bed, a Kashyyyk Table, and Kashyyyk Chairs.

Medical StationEdit

The medical station was located in the back of the lot. It had a Lower Coruscant City Bed and several screens to monitor the patient, and a count ran along the back of the room.

Glitch StairsEdit

The glitch stairs were a long walkway created out of catwalks that spiralled up to the building height like a spiral staircase. At the top, the walkway divided into two parts: the sky house and the jumping platform. From the jumping platform, one could jump over the "glitch wall" and into the Kaminoan ocean.

Sky HouseEdit

The sky house was attached to the glitch stairs and built by BLASTER NICESHOT as a vacation-like home high above the rest of his lot. It remained unfinished by the end of the game, and only had a floor, walls, bed, balcony, a small TV, a couch, and a bathroom. There was no ceiling, and the majority of the house was empty space.