Gigantic Magma Inn

Gigantic Magma Inn






Hotel, science center and Republic base

Gigantic Magma Inn was a combination of a floating hotel, mansion, science lab, tower, Republic base, and a small condo. It was built by BLASTER NICESHOT on Mustafar.

Republic BaseEdit

A Republic base sat at the entrance to the lot, and one would have had to gone through the base to get to the rest of the lot. It had a few cannons, eight beds, a small prison, and some tables for eating. A small AT-RT sits outside, made out of pillars and a few bulkheads.

Science LabEdit

The science lab is just past the Republic base, and contains pipes, lights, and other experiments. A desk is located on the left wall and a few Mustafar rocks were placed outside to represent the science lab studying volcanic rocks.


Directly opposite the science lab is the condo. It was originally created as a honeymoon house for Niceshot's friend Eli, but Niceshot decided to leave it and possibly rent it out to other people. It had a small kitchen, living room, bedroom and balcony.


The tower is located at the back of the lot, mainly constructed out of Extra Large Boxes and Rectangular Bulkheads. It has a platform made out of bulkheads mid-way, and a diving board at the top. The top also connects to a bridge that leads to the mansion.


The mansion, made out of Simple Panels, was connected to the tower by a bridge. It had three floors, and a grand staircase on the first floor. It was mainly furnished with Lower Coruscant City furniture, but it had a Naboo Bed and Kashyyyk Table.

Sky HotelEdit

The Sky Hotel was Niceshot's first hotel and major house, and was floating in the sky near the mansion. It had a lobby, pool, a balcony, platforms to see the entire lot, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class room, a summer camp, two employee-only offices, a sports area, a restaurant, a library, two movie theaters, an arts and crafts room, a gift shop, and a long slide on the roof. The roof also had a slope on the top that was alternated with ramps and fish tanks, and one could see through it from the library. The slide led down to the bottom of the lot, a quicker way than climbing down the stairs from such a high place.


  • Gigantic Magma Inn was Blaster Niceshot's first lot.
    • It was also his first published lot.
  • At the bottom of the lot, there was a sign that read, "BLASTER NICESHOT'S (BN) HOUSE" after an incident where someone claimed they were owner of the house. In the mansion, there was a sign that read, "BN MANSION", similarly to make it clear who owned the mansion.
  • Denn Boarder was security captain at the Sky Hotel, and also a good friend of Niceshot's.
    • The security office had a sign that read, "YOU ROCK", as a present for Denn.