Hidden Mining Crater

Hidden Mining Crater




Hidden Mining Crater (Space)

Date started

January 2014


Space slug attempting to eat the Millennium Falcon.

Hidden Mining Crater was built by BLASTER NICESHOT to depict the space slug scene from The Empire Strikes Back on a Hidden Mining Crater lot near the end of Clone Wars Adventures.

Exogorth (Space Slug)Edit

The Exogorth (commonly known as the space slug) was contructed out of Asteroid Floor Panels (outside) and Red Standard Floor Panels (inside). The dome shape took Niceshot an extensive time to construct, but ultimately made the slug more realistic. It had teeth, and the inside was designed to look like a mouth connected to the belly, filled with the various objects the slug was digesting.

Millennium FalconEdit

The Millennium Falcon was made to look as if it was flying out of the Exogorth's mouth and built on an angle to contribute to its realistic look. The Falcon was mainly built out of Asteroid Floor panels and had a cockpit, seating, two storage rooms, and an engine room.

Tie FightersEdit

On either side of the Exogorth, a tie fighter was chasing after the Millennium Falcon. They were constructed out of Carlac Power Generators, Rectangular Bulkheads, Umbaran Floor Panels, Kamino Walls, Kamino Ceiling Panels, and Single-Paned Windows.