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   I was a  Awesome Mercenary. One time he  went in a  cruiser and  met up with The Bloody Elites. Then I met a  guy  named artus blazer and his team the separation.Then i  joined  Super  Troopers  with  Blaster  then i attacked the  temple and other places.  Reven just built his base and his inn  which people liked.I was Born on Mandalore and then mom and dad died  in the old republic.When i was young i was on coruscant stealing  items from  the shops.I was A Bloody Elite from  the surface of mandalore i was the leader till mandalore was took over by maul. Then we  moved to maridun then took  over a base. Then i  ran  a base  then  something was happing on coruscant so i ran over to coruscant and then found out that  the republic put a bounty on my head. So i went  to a  bar  and  got a drink then  i got some guns and some gear for me and  my elites.When we left i went too the  temple while my elites were  in the hanger.So i went  and shot the  guards and killed the jedi. I took over the system  and  took a holocron and then  went back to the hanger  and  we left coruscant.

Fight on Maridun

When we  left coruscant  my base was  attacked  so i went  and  called the  republic for help.the republic forces help rebuild the base.Then  i went  in a ship with two pilots we flew  to mustafar. When we landed  we  wiped out the whole black sun. Then we  went to  coruscant and i   released   a bounty hunter from the citadel   uncondended. His name was Talverd skirkita so he was a mandalorian so i went to   his apartment on coruscant. When i saw it  i was amazed.When we left for Maridun we were at war with droids and there leader  grevious. 

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Becoming A Super Trooper

One Day i was on my old  Kamino base i was looking up in the sky then  a ship bombed my base.Two days  later  i  went too  coruscant  to get help.After i got help i  raided a   home on maridun  and made it my base.Then A few days later  i saw a ship land it was  a clone coming out   then he said "come up here now  my friend mercenary" He Said,I did what he said.His name was Blaster Niceshot he invited me to his squad then i made  more friends.

Return to Mandalore

When we landed on mandalore we went where my parents died on a  throne of darkness where satine lyes today but after maul took over its been hard for us mandalorians.We were sad that the founders were  my parents after they let satine in charge its been bad times.After  satine died  maul rules over mandalore and us but  we formed The Bloody Elites  team.

Forming The Bloody Elites

While us mandalorians were in harmony  i formed this team untill  my  old friend Jaden Archbroker stoped  me from this  but he didn't very good.HEIL  BLOODY ELITES! - Reven EdgeOfFate a line from reven when he  was doing a meeting with  the mandalorians on Concordia.  After the  Speech Reven was impressed he got a call from a elite on coruscant. "When will we fight the republic sir?" He Said "When we join the Separtist" I Said  Then I Shut the holo  off  and walked too the window. "Go to coruscant  and assassinate the chancalor" I Said "Yes sir" The Bloody Elite said

The Death Of  An Elite And One Republic

When  he  landed on coruscant  he shot the chancalor in the head  and  he got shot and fell 300  ft.When they Reached the room  the chancalor was dead.Anakin said that  if this sniper was  from mandalore he would be in the team thats called The Bloody Elites.Anakin said  There was  one only guy hiring a sniper and its reven edgeoffate on maridun.They landed at my base and i traped them in  my Mad chair  then  they shocked to death.

The End Of The Republic

Anakin excaped  and ahsoka wasn't there  cause she left the order. obi wan  died because of me  and i formed the new  Empire of the galaxy filled with the toughest mercenarys in the galaxy.I Went in my office and stayed there for a while.

The Death Of the Empire

Ventress  stabed a few elites then ran too my  office and cut a hole in it. She said "Reven your Empire  is fallen" "No it isn't!" i shocked her with  a  tazer  and knocked her out. she stabed me at the same moment. i fell  to the ground dead. ventress was stunned  and i got up and kicked her out my window.  she  died  then  i survived  and then my empire was rising until   anakin stabed me  and i fell  down on floor.  then my empire fallen.

Ten years later in the future


I was reborn  and  then the empire had fallen then i was with my friends  in  the Squad Super Troopers. My hatred grew stronger and stronger then my friend batman ritson came  and    released a  dangerous mist out into  maridun. I  coughed up  some  mist then ran and  saw a drop ship coming so a bloody elite shot it down and it exploded.                                

The BeTrayal  of The Bloody elites

  The bloody  elites were with reven on coruscant   when   one elite went in the temple and talked to a hooded jedi but he wasn't jedi we was a sith. The elites shot at me so i ran and jumped and flew away. i flew  to  a speeder  and got in and found a ship and flew to maridun. the bloody elites there  burned my base down so i went to mandalore  and stayed there long.

The Return  of  the   republic 

Soon  the  republic   has     been destroyed but then  the republic got attacked by the bloody  elites.then the republic needed my help so i flew  by  coruscant and shot some  bloody elites then i saw that they were robots and  dooku   gave me  fake bloody elites. Then  i   drove to dookus location and  killed him then the republic had been  remade cause my  bloody elites are now mandalorians of my order. The Fallen Trooper For One Million years  hes  been waiting for  me to  find him 45-711 a droid made 1000000 years ago. The rise of the empire 

After darth vader and the empereror were killed off I went to endor to find skywalker and find the sith. When I was at endor I met han solo he said who are you and I said a friend and tazed him and he fell to the ground. Luke saw me and said "what are you doing buiness skywalker luke said how do you know me?" "I am your farthers enemy I am a bloody elite." I said

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