Squad Center
Squad party

jay legoninjago



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a 2nd squad hang out.. I barely remember whats inside.. 0_0

Squad party

my house party


i made a pretty cool house called squad center for super troopers to hang out in! mabey i dont remember much about it....i still remember some...

front doorEdit

theres a silmer outside to blasters squad floor gose around to make a + and in the middle is ST made in green boxs. the door of the building is really speshale! from blasters attack crouser door...blaster helped me build the best thing i ever build on CWA yet.

INSIDE....forgot a lotEdit

the inside as i remember had  a lot... an elevator.. to the 3 floor.

floor 2Edit

floor 2 had an trainging center with a course and more witch no one really used :/

floor 3Edit

it showed all the  parts from the outside was showen there.  with a  sky light over

longest time thereEdit

after a bad  bad bad day,,we had a party to end the day.

sorry if CWA was up i could tell you much more... :/ so sorry i cant tell you must of it :(