These rules and policies were for in-game activities, but they are now kept for historical purposes as CWA has closed. This wiki's rules are in the Code of Conduct.


  • Respect everyone at all times
  • Religious, political, and crime discussions prohibited
  • Don't cause drama or try to cause trouble

Removal/Demotion Policy

Do not remove or demote with permission from Blaster Niceshot

  • Demotion of a remover (See below) or someone who is causing a big issue is an exception to the rule above.

Leaving/Joining Back Policy

Leaving and joining back in a reasonably small amount of time will cause result in temporary demotion.

Squad War Policy

Squad wars are defined as role play battles in which players engage in fighting eachother and both sides have a disliking for or are trying to destroy eachother.

Friendly Role Play

A friendly role play is a role play in which everyone knows that the fighting and yelling (if there is any) is just for fun.

Non-friendly Role Play

A non-friendly role play is a role play in which players feel that it is not a role play and they are actually at war with the other side.


  • Non-friendly role play wars are not allowed in Super Troopers.
  • Squad members are prohibited to participate in squad wars.