Welcome to the offical CWAST Wiki Report a Rule Breaker Blog!

     This blog is for reporting someone who breaks this wiki's Code of Conduct. To report a rule breaker, simply leave a comment below with proof of what he/she has done. Please ask an Admin if they want proof if the proof you would like to give has an inappropriate/foul/extremely offensive word in it. Most proof will be deleted once the issue has been taken care of. Some proof may deleted from the wiki but saved on an admin's computer for record. The punishment given to the offender of the rules (if found guilty) will be decided by the Admins of this wiki, and will not be changed unless the person(s) reporting it or the person(s) who received punishment have a valid' argument and make it calmly and clearly. What is valid is up to the discretion of the admins involved.

How would I know if I should report someone?

You should report someone if:

  • If they have offended the Code of Conduct. Remember- try asking them to stop first!
  • If someone purposely annoys you repeatedly and you feel intimidated, angry, depressed, etc. about it.
  • If someone is bullying you.
  • If they are repeatedly bragging/putting down others.
  • If someone uploads an offensive/inappropriate image or video.
  • If someone has an inappropriate username, has created an inappropriate page name, or has an inappropriate/offensive image for their avatar.
  • If someone is talking in a bad way about a certain person's beliefs and/or religion. Religious discussions are not allowed on this wiki.
  • If someone starts talking about something really gory, bloody, or gross, and people have asked the person to stop.
  • If someone threatens to hack you, please do not respond to their threat.

My report wasn't really answered/given no response at all!

If your quesition was not really answered by the response, or wasn't asnwered at all for a long period of time:

  1. Leave a reply to your report that the answer you received did not answer the report or needs an answer.
  2. Contact an Admin from their talk page.
  3. If the Admin you ask is inactive, or does not see the message, contact a more active Admin.
  4. If the response you receive still does not answer the report, please directly contact me (Blaster Niceshot; you can also contact me in previous steps also) so I can answer your question from my talk page.

Someone has hacked into my account!

If someone has hacked into your Wikia account, contact Wikia directly. If someone threatens to hack you, do not respond and report it here. It is unlikely that they actually know how to hack.